Monday, September 29, 2008

You got to check this out, I just came across this young kid's website and he has this method he uses to make over $100 every day.

The dude's name is Tristan Bull and he is legit, you should check out his proof video. Anyway just thought I'd let you know about it because it's pretty cool.

Take a look and let me know what you think.
I'm in,and will let you know how it goes... Scott

$$$$$_-_-_$$$$$ Save huge $$$$ from Tristan by going to the Warrior Forum where he is selling ALL of the stuff he has ever produced for 20 bucks!

Mammoth List/Cash Leveraging System Links

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Internet Marketing Review Goal-make money with little cash!

Scott Hewitt here again-Well I guess I should include the referral links in here when I post.(Twit) I must say that the Spider Web Marketing System is exceptional in the setup phase.They have a very straightforward click by click series of videos which literally walk you step by step (slow and ponderous in my case) through the entire process with no chance of messing up.Believe me-I would have if it is at all possible-Till next time....Scott

Mammoth List (-) $12.00
Spider Web Marketing System

Internet Marketing Review Goal-make money with little cash!

Scott Hewitt writing to you from Guelph Ontario. Starting on the road to internet riches (Hahaha)My goal is to help you by giving an honest assessment of the programs I'll be involved in. I will put up back office screenshots showing current progress, or lack of it, and a running total of profit /loss on each program. Plain and simple,what is working and what sucks...
So far I have signed on to: Mammoth List $12.00 US, The Cash Leveraging System $25.00 US,The Spider Web Marketing System FREE but with a $10.00 US monthly hosting fee involved.So far I"m in pre-launch of all these programs and really am brand new at IM but I am sure others can benefit from my trial and error...mostly errors I expect, but I"ll give it my best effort nonetheless...till next time-Scott

Mammoth List -$12.00
The Cash Leveraging System-$25.00
The Spider Web Marketing System-$0